We can help you keep your office space clean and tidy so you and your employees can work on what is truly important—work. We can help by cleaning bathrooms, kitchen areas, vacuuming around desks, cleaning in offices, removing trash, and more!

Keep Your Office Clean And Productive

Our Small Office Cleaning Services Can Help Keep Your Work space Neat and Tidy

A clean office space can help with productivity and focus. Cleaning your small office may not be what you want to do after a long day of work, that is where we can help. Mitco Cleaning Services offers a small office cleaning service that can help your office stay squeaky clean and help your employees continue to work hard. 

  • Mop & Vacuum Floors

  • Carpet Maintenance

  • Interior Windows

  • Disinfect Bathrooms

  • Dusting

  • Kitchen & Appliance Cleaning

  • Spring Cleaning, Buffing

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Nighttime Service 

  • Next Day Service