Up To

1200 SF

Regular Cleaning

Average $85 


Up To

2000 SF

Regular Cleaning

Average $100

Up To 

2500 SF

Regular Cleaning

Average $115

Up To 

3000 SF

Regular Cleaning

Average $125

Up To 

3500 SF

Regular Cleaning

Average $130

Up To 

4000 SF

Regular Cleaning

Average $135

Up To 

4500 SF

Regular Cleaning

Average $140

About Our Flat Rate Services

  • Our initial cleaning is the first deep clean your house will experience with our services.

  • Any quotes without hourly rates are flat rates, meaning that there are no restrictions or additional fees based on time.

  • Your fee is based on the quality and completion of the job. We cannot offer a discount because the we completed the job faster or slower than anticipated

  • We can provide an estimate for the length of the service, however we cannot guarantee how long the appointment will take.

  • The cleaner(s) cannot perform junk removal larger than a few regular sized trash bags, so please be sure that any large debris are removed or relocated prior to the cleaning.

  • The cleaner(s) will bring all necessary supplies unless you'd like them to use something specific, in which case it can be left on premises for them with instructions on how/where to use.

  • Please note if there are any extremely high or out of reach areas that you'd like cleaned, we ask that you provide a safe means of access.

Prices Updated 7/1/2019

For homes larger than 5 bedrooms, call for pricing.

** 90% of our house cleanings fall between these prices. If there is a change in price assessment, we will discuss this with you before we clean.**

Plans are based on the average time to clean, if the home is not found in an "Average" condition and takes more than an extra 1/2 hour to clean we reserve the right to bill hourly for the extra time spent. Excessive amounts of pet hair, cob webs, dishes, oven cleaning, toys and clothes can really slow down cleaning speed, so please do what you can to prepare for the cleaning team to do their best work. 

Pricing does not include taxes. 

Add On Services

  • Inside Cabinets $25

  • Interior Window Cleaning $5 Each

  • Inside Fridge $25

  • Inside Oven $25

  • Organization $20 Hour

  • In-Home Laundry $20 Hour

  • Dishes $20 Hour